NM: Let’s Catch The Flying Fish Of Prosperity

By Ben Pobjie

What is Abbott’s vision? Well, to a certain extent asking that question sullies the whole concept, but if we must, we must.

First let us look at the title of his speech, “My Plan For A Stronger Economy And A Stronger Australia”. Wow. I have to catch my breath just reading that. I mean, for a start, the word “my”. He leaves you in no doubt it’s “his” plan. He’s not hiding behind bureaucrats or modelling or mysterious gypsies: this plan is all him, and he will stand by it. You have to admire that sort of courage.

First he pointed out how the Gillard “government” has caused debt levels to spiral to the point that every man, woman and child owes $6000. Now that should cut through. Maybe you’re happy with your kids being harassed by debt collectors, but I’m not. Well played Tony. Then he elaborated exactly how he would fix this problem: namely, to build a stronger economy. Perhaps you’re sensing a theme here — a BRILLIANT THEME.

So there is the Abbott plan, beautiful in its simplicity, ingenious in its construction, and inspirational in its conception: stop doing bad things, do better things instead, spend less money except on things that we should spend more money on, and a rock-solid guarantee that in all likelihood the government will make some pretty good decisions at some point.

Challenge Abbott: Tony Abbott can’t name a single economist who backs his plan

Mr Abbott has spent months terrifying workers and talking down the Australian economy. He has threatened that entire towns will be ‘wiped off the map’ by reducing pollution. But what you won’t hear from Tony Abbott is a credible idea about how to make Australia’s economy smarter and cleaner.

- The Greens